DeepLaugh is a new name for an old set of projects.

I’ve been making music for a long, long time. Long before this century, for sure.

There have always been pianos around me, guitars, basses, and I always knew what to do with them.

But I grew up around synthesizers. My favorite record as a child was “A Clockwork Orange: Wendy Carlos’s Complete Original Score”, and the PAiA 4700 that my dad built was always around somewhere. One of my early memories was howling like a tiny wolf into the echo of a Dokorder reel to reel.

I’ve been making strange soundscapes for my entire adult life. I used to comp together words from online dictionaries, and play them into my turn-of-the-century computer, running Rebirth and Fruity Loops .

What to do with all that noise has never been an easy question.

So maybe I can put it all here, as I grow older and more okay with enjoying making what I like. As I become better able to realize the music that I have heard, and better able to make things for other people instead of just for my own amusement.